You're ready to finally reach more people with the brilliant work you do. You know you should be doing more videos and using FB LIVE but it all seems a little overwhelming...  

You think you need fancy lighting, a professional studio, editing and who know what kind of tech pieces it all requires... 

But what if you didn't need all that fancy equipment and it didn't have to be time consuming or overwhelming....

What if, instead, you could...

  • Stand out as the Go-To Expert and Authority Figure in your niche.
  • Build an audience of potential clients and customers that LOVE your videos (without spending a lot on FB Ads).
  • Stay in front of the people that watch your videos so you're always front of mind.
  • And how to do it all without fancy equipment, video editing or fancy software. All you need is the video on your phone.... 

Getting in front of a camera can be scary and intimidating. And what if you mess up during a FB LIVE? Eek! 

I get it because I've been there.... 

  • I HATED doing videos with a passion - probably more than anything in the world (I hate it that much).
  • I never knew what to say - even though my husband would argue that I rarely stop talking.
  • I would always mess up and have to start over again. I'm not trying to win an Oscar here -- I just want to finish this dumb video. 

Basically, I would end up frustrated with no one watching my videos and drowning my sorrows in a glass of wine...

Until I decided that all of that fancy video stuff didn't work for me. And I started doing things my own way (hint: it's also the much easier way to do things).

I'm going to make it SO easy for you to create + get more reach out of your videos....

...even if you're not comfortable in front of the camera 🙅 ...have no idea what to say or talk about 🤷🏻 ...or feel like you're not tech savvy enough 

We're going to make you FB Live Famous. 

If you're reading this you already know you need to be doing more video...

  • No one sees all those FB posts you worked so hard on (other than a like here and there from your best friend and mom). 
  • Your email open rates aren't what they used to be (and that's super frustrating because you worked so hard to build your list even if it's small). 
  • You're not even sure anyone is paying attention to all that amazing content you've worked so hard to put out into the world. Seriously, people! Pay attention.  

Here are 6 Reasons Why You Should Be Using FB LIVE...


Reach more of your potential customers and clients faster than just posting (because we all know no one is seeing your FB Posts, but with video you can reach more people organically). 


Set yourself apart from the crowd and become the go-to expert in your niche because you're actually in front of people (instead of just another unopened email in their inbox).


Build a raving tribe of fans that love your videos wayyy faster than trying to build your email list (and for a lot cheaper, too).


Create an audience from anyone that watches your videos so you can run ads to them later (hello, re-targeting! This is next level stuff!)


Spend less on your FB Ads (yes, you read that right. Promoting video is not only cheaper, but videos convert better). 


Sell more of your products and services.


Reach more people, make more money & set yourself apart using FB Live

Here’s everything you’ll get:

Lesson #1

The 4 Crucial Videos You Need to Convert More People into BUYERS (just doing videos isn't enough - you need an exact plan for what videos to promote and when)

Lesson #2

How to Make Your Videos POP in the News Feed so you get more views + raving fans. I'll also share my best tips for optimizing your videos so they can get even more views (and you don't need any fancy equipment or be a professional video editor)

Lesson #3

Step-by-Step How to Set Up & Run FB Ads for your amazing videos so you can build your audiences faster, stay in front of the people that matter most and sell more of your products and services

Lesson #4

How to optimize your best performing videos for even more views (hello social proof!)

Ready to get started? 

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I guarantee you’ll find this series valuable. If you don’t come away with a better understanding of how to find more of your ideal clients + sell more of your products with IG Ads- just let me know within 30 days from purchase, and I’ll refund every penny