Tired of wasting time & money on Facebook Ads that don't work? 

It's Time To AMPLIFY Your Ads 


Here's the thing...

You already know you should be running FB Ads.

Everyday you see the posts like this filling up your news feed... (I like to call them humblebrags)

  • Sarah just added 5,000 subscribers to her list for less than $0.12 a piece. 
  • Jennifer just had her first $100k launch all because she started running FB Ads. 
  • Allison has FB Ads running to an evergreen funnel that brings in an extra $15k month. 

And if we’re being totally honest -- it’s a little annoying, isn’t it? What are they doing that you aren’t? And what FB Ad wizardry did they figure out and what do you have to do to get that same magic working for your ads?

I get it. Because I've been there. You're...

  • Frustrated because it seems like everyone else has FB Ads that are bringing in millions of dollars and you’re struggling just to get ONE ad to work (or even approved). 
  • Overwhelmed at the thought of even getting started with Facebook Ads. It seems like there are so many buttons to click, boxes to check and what if you do it all wrong.
  • Annoyed by the barrage of updates, changing rules and new features. 
  • Over all the ‘gurus’ and bro marketers telling you how bad you need their ‘secret’ formula or your ads will never work.  

Hi, I'm Amy. 

And this is where I’m supposed to tell you how I went from zero to a million dollars overnight all from FB ads. And that I’ve discovered some ‘secret’ formula that can do the same for you. But the truth is…that’s not how it happened. Not even close. 

I’ll save you all the long, boring details (including a few 9-5 jobs that drained my soul and a failed retail business), but I will tell you that I started Social Lab Marketing in 2014 with no website and no clients.

I only had $5 a day to spend on FB Ads (and even that was pushing it because I seriously had ZERO clients).

But that $5 a day made all of the difference.

It took a lot of bad ads and a LOT of mistakes, but I finally started to figure it out.

And then one day something magical happened…

I opened up FB to see a message from someone that wanted ME to run their FB Ads because they saw one of my FB Ads.


I ended up generating over $50k in new clients from that ONE FB Ad. It’s literally what got my business off the ground.

Now I’m lucky enough to work with some of the most amazing clients that are changing the world with the brilliant work that they do.

In the last year, my team and I managed over $5 million in ad spend for clients and we helped our clients do amazing things like…

  • Grow their business from a few hundred dollars a day in sales to over $20k in sales a day just from FB ads.  
  • Help build their business from 6-figures to 5 million (and still growing) allowing them to move their small business out of their home and into an incredible new space and hire their dream team.  
  • Launch their online program to a bigger audience generating $300k in sales. 
  • Generate $40k in sales from $1k in ad spend on a simple ‘flash sale’.
  • Have their first $100k/month from their evergreen funnels. 
  • Launch their new membership site that generates over $30k/month. 
  • Grow their subscription box service to over 15,000 monthly members. 

Now I work with coaches, consultants, and eCommerce sites to create effective ad campaigns (think 6 and 7 figures).


So grab a glass of wine, get comfy and imagine this…

  • You're logging into MailChimp everyday to see subscribers that can’t wait to hear from you (and even better, you actually have people to share your amazing work with). 
  • Your FB Group and FB Lives are full of people that can’t wait to learn from you, and more importantly, buy from you (because you’re good at what you do and it’s time to get the word out).
  • Your clients come to YOU. No more posting in FB groups, chasing down referrals or stressing about where your next client is going to come from (because that is the worst feeling ever). 
  • You’re waking up to [NEW PURCHASE] emails every day because you're selling more of your courses, filling your group programs and finally standing out as the rockstar that you are. 

This can be your new reality. 

But you also really don’t want to…

  • Deal with all the bro marketing, icky ad strategies that don’t fit your business and super techie jargon that makes no sense to you.
  • Get frustrated and annoyed because it all still feels a little too complicated and over your head. 
  • Waste any more money on FB Ads that don’t work (you could have taken a badass trip to some tropical island by now).  
  • Pay $2000 for another bloated and out dated FB Ad Course that comes with ZERO live support. 

Let’s be honest, you shouldn't go bankrupt trying to learn how to run Facebook Ads.

I want you to know that...

  • FB Ads get to be easy when you know HOW to make them work for your business (no more throwing hundreds or thousands of dollars into the FB Ad slot machine). 
  • You can absolutely create crazy profitable ad campaigns in less than an hour each week without spending a fortune (you can start with as little as $5 a day). 
  • FB Ads don't have to feel like a guessing game when you have the right strategy for YOUR business (no more trying to fit your business into some boring 'formula' some guru came up with.

Facebook Ads can be easy AND profitable.

That's why I'm taking every course, program and workshop I've ever created and giving you access to ALL of them for an insanely low price. 


Everthing You Need to go from Beginner to Creating GORGEOUS FB Ads that Actually Make You Money.

Get INSTANT Access to over $10k worth of Facebook Ad trainings and coaching for a fraction of the price. 

"Before I started working with Amy, I was totally confused with how to use Power Editor and wasted over $600 on Facebook Ads. I know how to setup my ads so they are converting and at the right cost. I use Facebook Ads in my business all the time! I'm growing my list with ease and I'm able to get traffic and signups to my webinars quickly. Amy is the best when is comes to Facebook Ads and I recommend this course to everyone!"

Petra Foster | PetraFoster.com

"This was my first time using Facebook Ads - and I was terrified of getting ripped off by an "expert." But Amy is the real deal and will never leave you hanging. This blew me away - I learned so much in the weekend training. Then Amy stepped up her game and continued to offer hands on support. Through our private Facebook group, Amy was there for me long after I completed the program. She helped solve problems, answer questions, and gave me feedback while I ran my ads. Tremendous life saver and money saver for sure!!"

Corey Ann Seldon | Alegria Support

I’m going to walk you through Facebook Ads step-by-step.

After taking tons of trainings and working with hundreds of my own students - I realized that most people still get frustrated and overwhelmed with Facebook Ads. Either the videos are too advanced or they feel lost because there's just too much to learn.  

I’m completely changing everything you know about Facebook Ads. I’m taking out all of the overwhelm so you can finally learn how to do Facebook Ads in a way that’s actually fun and profitable for your business.  

Without all the bro marketing, sleazy marketing and guru speak.  

I'm breaking down Facebooks Ads in simple and easy to implement steps that you can do in less than an hour a week. Yes, you read that right. I really mean you can spend less than one hour a week on your ads AND still get amazing results.  

Not only will you have FB Ads that work, but you'll have a complete framework for your FB Ads so you know what ads to run, when and for how long.  

No more guessing. Or just boosting a post here and there and hoping you get some sales.  

 I'm giving you a behind the scenes look into the EXACT strategies we use to consistently generate $100k+ months for our clients....

I know you’re probably thinking we’re doing some pretty complicated stuff behind the scenes, but the truth is some of our best performing campaigns are crazy simple.  

The real ‘secret’ to FB Ads is knowing HOW to make them work for your business. Not trying to make your business fit into some generic formula some ‘guru’ is selling.  

And I want to share those same strategies with you so you can bring in an extra $5k, $10k or $20k into your business using FB Ads.  

When you join, this is just some of what you'll learn...

  • How to creat click-worthy campaigns that convert subscribers into BUYERS in less than an hour.  
  • How we use non traditional creative to STAND OUT in the News Feed (even if you’re not a graphic designer and have no idea what you’re doing).
  • How to find your perfect audience on FB in 3 crazy simple steps so you always know who to target and you’re not wasting time and money showing your ads to the wrong people. 
  • Step-by-step how to set up your FB & Instagram Ads so you know what buttons to click and what boxes to check.
  • The simple way to split test your ads so you know if they're working without going bankrupt. 
  • How to quickly take your ads from failing to scaling (hey, it happens - knowing how to fix it can save you lots of time and money.)  

And the best part? 

I'm breaking down Facebooks Ads in simple and easy to implement steps that you can do in less than an hour a week.  

These are the exact strategies we use to take our clients from zero to $5 million in sales from FB Ads. You're getting a behind the scenes look into what's working NOW. And the best part? You don't have to a be a FB Ad guru to see results. These are all crazy simple strategies that you cn implement right away. 

This is your chance to get ALL of your Facebook Ads questions answered. And finally fill the News Feed with AMAZING FB Ads that attract your ideal clients and more importantly, boost your bottom line (hello tropical island!) 

Say goodbye to out-dated courses and 'magic' formulas that don't really work.

The problem with buying a program on Facebook Advertising is that there's SO much to learn. It can feel overwhelming.  

And Facebook is constantly updating and changing the rules. So how do you know if what you’re learning is up to date and actually works NOW? 

 That's why I created AMPLIFY.  

Running ads for your evergreen funnel? 

Have a launch coming up?  

Feeling lost when it comes to targeting?

Just need to learn the basics?  

 I've got you covered. 

You're getting access to 9+ of my most popular FB Ad Courses AND access to EVERY NEW ad course or workshop I release when you join the AMPLIFY Community.


No minimum commitment. You'll get access to all of my courses, LIVE Q&A and FB Group for as long as you're a member.

  • 9+ FB AD Trainings and Workshops
  • Every new workshop or training while you're a member.
  • LIVE Q&A
  • Copy Reviews
  • Landing Page Reviews
  • Private FB Group
  • 1,000+ Ad Templates for the Feed and Stories
  • 2 Months Free
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$497/Year - BEST VALUE

Get access to AMPLIFY + AD VAULT for ONE YEAR and save over $240! Here's everything you'll get...

  • 9+ FB AD Trainings and Workshops
  • Every new workshop or training while you're a member.
  • LIVE Q&A
  • Copy Reviews
  • Landing Page Reviews
  • Private FB Group
  • Access to The Ad Vault and 1,000+ Ad Templates for the Feed, Stories and Carousels
  • 2 Months FREE in AMPLIFY

"Your trainings are badass! I’m so thrilled with what I’m learning from you. So far every penny I’ve invested in your trainings have proven 110% worth it. "

Kimberly Huneycutt 

"I love your material and your course was one of the best things I’ve ever purchased on the Web."

Paul Harvey


Crazy Brilliant Facebook Ads ($297) This course is the perfect place to start if you're brand new to Facebook Ads or if you just need a refresh on what's working now. This course covers all the basics including how to install your pixel, how to create effective targeting groups and how to set up your ad the right way. It's 7-easy to implement sessions and one of my most popular trainings.  

Ready to launch your newest course, program, membership or mastermind? It feels like there are a million moving pieces and things to do when it comes to launching. In this course, I'm breaking down step by step how to build engagement, generate more excitement and more sales during your launch with crazy simple FB Ad campaigns (so you don't feel like a crazy person).  

Feeling lost with all the moving parts of funnel? I'm breaking down the easiest way to create and launch a funnel that converts subscribers into sales immediately, but without all the tech headaches, bro speak or icky marketing.  

I promise it's a lot easier than you think...  

AMPLIFY YOUR WEBINARS ($297) Paying way too much to get people signed up for your webinar? I'm breaking down our favorite tips, strategies and hacks for boosting your webinar sign ups AND how to get more people to actually show up for your webinars. 

Want to do a flash sale? Or Black Friday promo? Here's how we run ads for our special promos for a quick cash boost without spending a ton on ads.  


Want more sales from your evergreen funnels or webinars? This is the exact strategy we use to scale our clients to $100k+ months from their evergreen funnels.  

This is the exact strategy we use to test and scale our clients to $50k+ months from their low ticket offers. We'll walk you through step by step how to test your offer, how to find an audience of buyers and how to scale quickly without your cost skyrocketing.

NEW WORKSHOPS + TRAININGS When you join AMPLIFY, you not only get access to my most up to date and current trainings. But you'll also get access to every new training or workshop I create. And I promise you don't want to miss these -- how to scale your FB Ads, how to build your list fast and how to promote your content with FB Ads are just a few in the works. 


"Before taking Amy's Facebook Ads in a Weekend course, I had no clue how to run an effective ad. As a solo-preneur, I don't have the resources to hire a firm to run FB ads for me. What Amy's course allowed me to do was learn enough about FB ads and how to use them effectively to know when it makes sense for me to run FB ads. More importantly, I know what type of FB ads are likely to be most effective for me. Amy's hands-on support during the course meant I could get my ads up and running, she was there to help when I got stuck setting up my ad. I would highly recommend Amy's Facebook Ads in a Weekend course to other small business owners - it's a great way to learn if FB ads are right for you, and if ads are right for you - get them up and running to grow your business."  

Patty Hankins | BeautifulFlowerPictures.com 

"I just wanted to thank you for all your amazing FB Ads trainings this year. They have always been SO interesting and helpful, and I literally can’t think you enough for all the cool things I’ve learned.  

I’ve been using your UN-AD method for pretty much everything I’m promoted so far this year and they always get incredible results! In particular I’ve been using it to list building with a Quiz, and omg the cost per lead has been crazy!"

Amber Rose Thomas 

But that's just the start. You'll also get access to...

LIVE MONTHLY Q&A Feeling stuck or have questions? Every month I'll host a LIVE Q&A where I'll answer all of your biggest questions so you can get the support you need to get your ads up and running. 

PRIVATE FB GROUP Where you can post questions and get feedback on your ads in between our LIVE Q&A.


Get access to worksheets, checklists and templates to help you stay on track, get clear and to make the whole process a little easier.  

Before You Know It, You'll Be Posting Things Like… 

‘OMG! I just added my first 1,000 subscribers from FB Ads!’

‘Holy smokes! I’m actually making money from FB Ads - these things really work!’

'FB Ads are my favorite thing in the whole world. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH’ 

Ok, so that last one might be a little over the top, but you get the point.

So let’s hang out and finally get you some amazing FB Ads (that actually work).

Ready to create GORGEOUS FB Ads in less than an hour a week?

Join now for only $49/month!

Have Questions? I've got answers...

✔️Is there a minimum commitment? Nope! There's no minimum commitment. You can stay as long as you want and it's really easy to cancel when you're ready.  

✔️ How often are the courses updated? All of the courses in the site are current. I'm constantly adding new trainings and workshops to the site and we remove any courses that are no longer current.  

✔️ Will there any live support if I have questions? You bet! Each month we have twice monthly LIVE Q&A sessions where I'll be answering all of your FB Ad questions + chatting about the newest updates and changes. We also have the private FB group where you can post questions in between the live sessions.  

✔️ I'm brand new to FB Ads. Is this good for beginners? Of course! I recommend starting with Crazy Brilliant FB Ads so you can learn the basics of Facebook Ads and how they work. And every course is created to walk you through a specific strategy step by step so you don't need any previous ad experience to be successful with Facebook Ads.  

✔️ What if I can't make the LIVE Q&A or LIVE Ad Reviews? Every session is recorded so you can catch up when you have time. You can also submit questions before and I'll make sure to answer them live for you.  

✔️Do you offer refunds? Because of the amount of content + live sessions we do not offer refunds, but you are welcome to cancel your membership at anytime.There are no minimum commitments.  

Want results like this? Come join the fun!

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