Ready To Be a 6 Figure Ads Manager?


What if you could create your dream business as an Ads Manager without all of the hustle, stress and wondering where your next client is coming from?

I’m talking about a business where you work with dream clients and make an impact.

Nice, right? 

What if this business allowed you to work with clients that get you, value you, and pay you big money with a smile. 

And all that happily-earned money means you can spend more time doing things you love (traveling, spending time with your family, watching Netflix -- it's up to you!)

Great news. I’m inviting you inside my agency. 

After five years, I’m finally unveiling my personally-proven secrets to becoming a confident FB Ads Manager. 

I’m going to give you my crystal-clear framework to establish yourself as a go-to FB Ads expert -- even if you've never ran a FB Ad before.

No experience is required.

Because I'm giving you everything you need to get your business up and running -- all the systems, tools, checklists and my proven processes.

All you need is a laptop + internet.

Where you go from there is up to you!


Ads Manager School

I have a feeling you want all this…

  • Complete confidence in your ability to get money-making results with FB Ads.
  • A steady stream of clients begging to work with you.
  • Income that rewards you for the (kickass) work you do and results you get.
  • The freedom to work from anywhere (Bali anyone?) and to spend more time doing the things you love.
  • A business that makes a big impact in the world (for your clients, their clients and most importantly, for you).

Let’s make you some serious money and build you an empire of freedom. 


You’re in one of these situations, right?

Stuck at Start

You're new to ads so you're feeling intimidated by all of the guru's and bro-marketers out there. But you know you want to help clients in a big way.


Feast or Famine 

You’ve got a client or two, but you're constantly worried where your next client is coming from...and are tired of going from feast to famine in your business. 

Burned Out  

You have your clients, but are burned out from working ALL the time and you keep hitting that dreaded income ceiling. You know you need to scale...but how? you hear that?

That’s the sound of well-meaning business owners thrashing around in the deep end of FB Ads losing tons of money. 

There are over 90 MILLION small businesses using FB to market their business. And 7 MILLION businesses are actively using FB Ads to marke their business with FB Ads. 

But (as you know) most have no idea how to actually get results from Facebook Ads.  

They’re burning up their ad budgets so fast it would make you cry.  

And they need YOUR help.

But if they can't find you or don't know you're an ads manage they can't hire you.
Which means they'll hire someone else instead...

Let’s make you some serious money, relieve a lot of stress and build you an empire of freedom. 


How do I get clients? 

I know you’re thinking sure, you made it work. But I’m not like you, I wouldn’t even know where to start. 

Ring a bell? 

...You feel invisible to your ideal clients.
...Instead you attract the “nickel and dimers” (who still somehow have crazy expectations).
...When you finally do get a client it’s *really* scary spending someone else’s money and you're terrified you won't get them results.
...And at the end of it all, you're worried you're not doing it right or don't have the right processes in place to really be successful.

Ads Manager School is made for you

I had all those same questions. I had zero clients when I started, no testimonials and had no idea if what I was doing was right or not.

I just wanted someone to show me how to do it so I could spend less time worrying and more time actually growing my business.

That’s why I’m taking everything I use to run my 7 figure agency and giving it to you.


Hi. I’m Amy Crane. 

I’m the founder of Social Lab Marketing.  

I wish I could tell you I woke up one day and decided to start a FB Ads Agency that went from zero to a million dollars overnight, but my success wasn’t so blockbuster.  

Not even close.  

Five years ago, I quit my job working for a well-known 7 figure business coach - with no clients and no idea what I was doing.  

What I had was a basic knowledge of FB Ads. I knew there was HUGE potential to start my own business running ads for other people. 

So I did all the things an entrepreneur should do: 

...I spent a bunch of money on a fancy website. ...I wrote a bunch of blog posts (that no one read). ...I went to some pretty awkward networking events. ...I “got out there” and posted in FB groups.  

The results? *Crickets* No money. Nothing. Zero. Zilch. Nada.  

Even with all that “hustle”, for 6 months I was stuck and spinning.  

At this point maybe I should have packed up my laptop, and went back to the day-job grind.  

...But I didn’t give up. 

Taking a turn - MY WAY

I knew my clients were out there. 

As an Ads Manager - I know it all comes down to testing and optimizing. So I did my own experiment:  

  • I stopped doing all those things I thought I had to do and started doing things my way.
  • I gave myself 6 weeks to find 5 clients or I was going to have to get a J-O-B. 

The results? That little experiment changed everything.

I booked my first client. I charged $547/month to run ads for an ecomm store (I eventually took that client to over $150K/month in ad spend + generated over 5 million in sales).  

Then I booked another client...and another.  

I even got a little crazy and upped my fees to $750/month (BIG money, I know).  

Before I knew it I made $3500 that month. Which is more than I made in my previous full time gig and wayyy more than I made in the previous 6 months.  

...I was pretty pumped.  

Not only was I making it as an Ads Manager - I was doing it on my own terms

But I don't have testimonials or case studies. Who's going to hire me?

Listen...I get it. I asked myself the exact same question when I started. And it's the exact thing that kept me from getting any clients for the first 6 months.

That's why I'm giving you everything you need to get your first client (and more) even if you don't have the experience or testimonials (yet -- I'll show you how to get those too).

This is the exact system I've used to go from zero clients to completely booked out. And it's the exact same system I've used over the last 5 years to grow my business to 7 figures.

It's not complicated and doesn't require a bunch of fancy tech -- but it WORKS. 

But what if I don't have a lot of (or any) experience running ads?

That's ok! I've got you covered. I'm going to teach you everything you need to know about Facebook Ads so you can get your clients results too.

I'm giving you all of our 6 figure campaign templates, checklists and processes so you feel confident taking new clients on and getting them case study worthy results.

These will save you HOURS worth of extra work and headaches trying to figure it out on your own.

This way you can spend less time worrying if you're doing it right and more time showing up as the badass ads manager that you are.

Ok, that sounds good, but what am I selling and how much do I charge?

The truth is...most ad managers undercharge for their services (I'm not judging -- I did too when I started and for longer than I would like to admit).

I'm going to show you exactly what to include in your services and how to price your offers so you get paid WELL for your time because you are amazing at what you do and you deserve it.

And how to position and market your new offer so you get an instant 'YESSS' instead of 'You charge how much??? I'll have to think about it.'

This course is everything you need to create a business that gives you freedom to work from anywhere on your schedule.

In Ads Manager School I’m sharing everything you need to know about creating a business that you can do from anywhere and on your own schedule.

  • Learn how I raised my prices to the big leagues (I promise it’s not that scary) so I could finally pay myself a multiple 6 figure salary.
  • Peek how I structure my team so I can work 25 hours/week without being tied to my laptop 24/7.  
  • See how I travel to incredible places regularly (without my agency imploding) and retired my husband from his corporate job so he could come work and play with me.
  • Get insider-access to me to ask those burning questions about building a 6 figure agency.

From Zero Clients to 7 Figure Agency

I want to be really took a lot of hard work to build the business I have today. I got stuck, almost gave up more times than I can count and made every mistake along the way.

But that doesn't mean you have to make those same mistakes I did.

Today I’m the proud CEO of a 7 Figure Ad Agency. 

I have an amazing team that supports all of our brilliant clients. And they're really, really good at what they do.

We're not working crazy hours or tied to our laptops 24/7. We have the time & freedom to spend time doing things we love without the hustle and stress.

Not to brag but…this process WORKS.

I’ve worked on over 350 launches, managed over $20 million in ad spend and helped our clients do things like….

  • Grow their business from a few hundred dollars a day in sales to over $20k in sales a day just from FB ads.  
  • Build their business from 6-figures to 5 million (and still growing) allowing them to move their small business from their home into an incredible new space and hire their dream team.  
  • Launch their online program to a huge audience generating $200k in sales, positioning them to finally quit their day job and travel Europe.  
  • Have their biggest launch to date bringing in $778k in course sales.
  • Generate $40k in sales from $1k in ad spend on a simple ‘flash sale’.
  • Launch their new membership site that generates over $15k/month. 

Are you ready to help clients make an impact, while building your own dream?

Build My 6 Figure Agency

The Real Deal

...Hint: It’s not (all) about the benjamins

The best part about running a 6 figure business?  

❌ It’s not the money.

⭐️ It’s all about the freedom and impact.

I only work about 25 hours a week and I definitely don’t work weekends. 

We travel around the world without worrying about our business tanking.  

We consistently work with high 6, 7 and 8 figure coaches, consultants and eComm stores doing brilliant work and more importantly, they are crazy fun to work with. 

I love what I do. And I want that for you too. 

You’ll get all this in a take-action framework. 

I’m going to break it all down for you: 

  • A repeatable system to find clients so you’re not wasting time chasing dead-end leads.
  • Exactly how to price your products and services (and what you should and shouldn’t be including).
  • The exact systems you need to shift your work into autopilot so you can spend more time enjoying your flexible lifestyle.
  • How to serve your clients so you get them real results so they stay on your roster (and refer others).
  • How to grow a team you trust without sacrificing on service and quality. 

This is for you if…

  • You want to start your own business running ads for clients but don’t want to waste time figuring it out alone. 
  • You’re tired of spinning your wheels scrambling to find clients.
  • You’re sick of clients that want results - but don’t want to pay. 
  • You want an online business so you can live on your own terms but you don’t want to be handcuffed to your computer. 
  • You're ready to big impact in the world with the work you do.

How We’ll Get You To 6 Figures

We’re giving you our entire agency in 8 step by step sessions so you can get your agency up and running in a way that is profitable and sustainable. 

Here’s what you'll get immediate access to:

Session 1: Your 6 Figure Foundation

  • The most profitable niches in 2021 and how to pick the right one for you..
  • How to Attract Clients On Demand: Learn our secrets to attracting a steady stream of quality prospects using organic marketing. 
  • The EXACT tools and systems you need to have in place so you can start making money now.

Session 2: Secrets to Six Figure Lead Gen

  • Everything you need to know about irresistible lead magnets that nurture prospects into high-ticket dream clients.
  • How to find your ideal clients using Facebook ads so you never have to worry where your next lead is coming from.  
  • How to create content that converts casual followers into repeat clients without spending hours writing posts or doing a million FB Live videos. 

Session 3: Ad Packages that PAY

  • How to create scalable packages that earn agency rates (if you want to charge premium rates for your work you need to know how to do this). 
  • What you should and shouldn’t include in your FB Ad Management fees and exactly what you should be charging. 
  • How to use intro offers to get your first few clients + how to turn those clients into longterm retainer clients.

Session 4: Effortless Selling 

  • My entire sales process including the exact sales call script I use on calls to convert more high paying clients without feeling pushy or icky (no bro marketing tactics here).
  • How to handle the most common objections you'll hear on sales calls (like I don't know if I can afford this, what if I my ads don't work?, or can you guarantee that I'll get sales? ), so hesitations become a hell-yes.  
  • How to easily filter out wrong-fit clients before you even get on the phone so you can focus on your dream clients. 

Session 5: Onboard Like a Pro

  • The exact process we use to onboard clients that sets our clients up for success (and how a 5 star on- boarding process will make your job so much easier).
  • All of our on-boarding templates, checklists and docs that you can tweak and use to on-board your clients faster and easier. These will literally save your HOURS worth of work.
  • Learn exactly what you need to do in the first 30 days to get your clients results so they stay long term.

Session 6: Confidently Run Ads for Your Clients Like A Pro

  • How to create an overall strategy that works for YOUR clients (and how breaking the "rules" can actually get your better results).
  • Best practices for running ads so you know exactly what you need in place and how to get quick wins for you clients while planning for longterm success. 
  • What to do when nothing seems to be working (and how to turn things around fast).  

Session 7: The Ongoing Agency Experience

  • How to create reports that your clients actually read and how to use reports to easily show ROI in a way your clients understand (most people miss this step and it’s an easy way to lose a client because they just don’t understand the value). 
  • The secret to keeping happy clients long term so they happily pay your fees for 6 months, a year or longer. These are a MUST DO for any agency owner that wants more longterm clients.
  • Hate asking for testimonials and referrals? This is the exact template we use to get raving reviews and a constant stream of referrals from our clients (our business is 80% referrals).  

Session 8: Building a Rockstar Team

  • A behing the scenes look at how we structure our team at Social Lab Marketing including a break down of the exact roles + job descriptions. 
  • Who and what to hire first so you can start to free up time on your schedule so you can grow your business faster. 
  • How we support our team and our clients to create a 5 star agency experience so everyone feels support and taken care of (and nothing falls through the cracks). 

Plus, you're also getting access to LIVE Monthly Coaching...

4 Months FREE in AMPLIFY


7+ Campaign Breakdowns

Sales Scripts, Proposals & On-boarding Docs


🌟 Our Entire 5 Star Client On-Boarding System ($497): Giving your client the best experience starts with on-boarding. This is our entire on-boarding system so you can get everything you need from your clients with less back and forth. And show up as the professional badass that you are. 

🌟 6 Figure Campaign Templates + Checklists ($497): We created these Trello Boards that you can use to get everything in order for that upcoming launch, evergreen funnel or list build. This is a step by step to-do list so you know exactly what needs to happen + the exact emails we send our clients to make sure we're hitting our deadlines and goals (your clients will LOVE these and it will save you hours worth of work every week). 

🌟 Get Booked Out Social Media Prompts + Swipe File ($297): Get my full social media and email swipe file that you can tweak and use in your own marketing.

🌟 Effortless Sales Call Script + How to Handle the Most Common Objections ($497): Hate sales calls? Worried you won't have the right answers or not know what to say? I'm breaking down exactly how I handle my sales calls and breaking down the most common objections + questions I get so you feel confident going into your next sales call. 

🌟 FOUR MONTHS FREE IN AMPLIFY ($997): Get access too 9+ FB Ad courses, workshops & trainings covering topics like funnels, launches, webinars and SLO funnels. You'll also get 2x monthly LIVE coaching + LIVE Copy Reviews.

I'm ready! Sign me up!

But you're also going to get these amazing goodies too... 

  • 4 MONTHS FREE IN MY AMPLIFY COMMUNITY: This is every course I've ever created + 2 Additional Q&A calls 
  • ONE YEAR OF 2X LIVE MONTHLY + OUR PRIVATE FB GROUP: Every month I host 2x monthly coaching calls where you can 1:1 feedback from me. All calls are recorded + you can ask questions before if you can't make it live.  
  • NEW BONUS: Your 30 Day Marketing Plan: I'm going to show you exactly how I evaluate and plan so I easily generate sales EVERY month in my business. 
  • NEW BONUS: 3x Your Profit Income Tracker: Knowing how money flows in and out of your business is crucial to creating a profitable and scalable business. This is the exact system we used to DOUBLE our sales and TRIPLE our profits in 2020.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this course delivered? Is it live or recorded?  

You'll get immediate access to all 8 sessions including worksheets, swipe files and templates that go with each section.  

You'll also get 4 months FREE in our AMPLIFY community so you'll get access to our live monthly Q&A and 9+ FB Ad Courses.

I'm thinking about becoming an Ads Manager, but I don't currently run ads for clients. Will this be too advanced for me?  

I created this course to give you the tools you need to find and book your first clients + the step by step process so you feel confident when you do bring a new client on. I'll tell how you how to package and price your services, how to onboard clients + how to charge premium rates for your work.  

I already run ads for clients, but I'm burned out. Will this course help me get unstuck or show me how to charge more so I can work with less clients.  

I hear you. I've been there and done that. I'm going to show you how you can get out of the burnout (or avoid it all together) so you can start to enjoy your business again.  

I'll break down how to grow a team, what to outsource first and how to free up more time so you can spend less time tied to Ads Manager.  

I really need help with on boarding clients, creating systems + reporting for clients. Does this course cover that?  

Of course! I'm going to walk you through our exact on boarding process, the systems we use and how we create and deliver reports for our clients.  

You'll get our exact templates that you can tweak and use for your own business.  

Is there any live support or Q&A?  

You bet there is! You'll get one year of support in our private FB group + 2x monthly Q&A. And you'll get 4 months FREE in our AMPLIFY community where you'll get access to an additional 2x monthly LIVE Q&A.

How long to I have access?

You have lifetime access to the entire course + all the templates, swipe files and worksheets. You'll also get one year of LIVE support in our FB group + monthly Q&A.

What's your refund policy?

You can request a refund within 7 days of purchasing AMS by sending an email to

I'm ready! Sign me up!

Build My 6 Figure Agency